It all started back in 1990, in challenging economic and political conditions, when a small company with just two employees owning one truck and one rented refrigerated truck, started a business...

A business that, over the course of twenty-five years has grown into a large and successful enterprise. Today it employs 170 people and owns more than 90 large vehicles, with more than 120 drivers who transport all types of cargo to any local or European destination, as well as Eastern countries such as Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

More than twenty-five years of business experience has led us to the leading position among transportation and logistics companies in Croatia, and through development, constant investment and the steady improvement of our business, we readily embraced Croatia’s entry into the EU, and became a competitive business entity in the developed markets of the European Union.


We have reinforced our vehicle fleet by investing 11 million kuna in the acquisition of 21 new Iveco tow trucks. In addition to the renewal of our fleet, we also made investments in order to raise the quality of our services. We have implemented the international IFS Logistic standard, and introduced a modern GPS system to track vehicles and cargo.


We started offering cold chain distribution services all over Croatia, i.e. storage up to -25 °C.


We invested heavily in the purchase of new trucks, semi-trailers and tandems. With the addition of 2 refrigerated trucks, 3 sets of tarps (Mega), 4 tandems and 3 classic trucks, we completed our fleet of 56 refrigerated trucks, 24 tarpaulins, 9 tandems and 2 tank trucks.

In addition to investments in vehicles, there were significant increases in the quality of transport brought about by providing our customers with software for monitoring cargo 0-24. Together with these investments, we also took steps forward by entering the markets of Eastern Europe, namely in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, where transportation is often performed in extreme climatic conditions, which is something not many transportation companies can boast of.


In spite of the recession and unfavorable economic conditions, we again invested in our vehicle fleet. 15 brand new trucks, 6 double-stacked refrigerated trucks and 2 mega tarpaulin trucks were bought. Thus we renewed our fleet and increased our care for the environment by acquiring EURO 5 engines.


We changed our company name to LA LOG. Changing our visual identity also allowed us to better define ourselves within the demanding market of the European Union.


We began our biggest investment cycle, purchasing 35 new vehicles. This enabled us to secure our status as a market leader in Croatia, and positioned us as a competitive European market participant.


The transport business, in cooperation with Dukat, became an integral part of the Lactalis Group, a leader of global dairy industry. The common goal of this strategic partnership has been to create a strong logistics transportation company in Croatia and throughout the region, thus strengthening the company's position in the demanding European market.


After fifteen years of operation, the company had achieved a turnover of over 135 million HRK, having travelled 11 million kilometers with its own vehicles and transported nearly 280,000 tons of cargo.


The purchase of 8 semi-trailer trucks and 4 tandem compositions Volvo FH 12 set new standards in the Croatian transportation market.


Lura d.d. acquired the transportation company RALU d.o.o.


RALU was established, operating with one Mercedes truck, a rented refrigerated truck and just two employees.