LA LOG provides shipping services for all goods, from the smallest ones to those which require several large vehicles on the same day in the same location.


LA LOG can organize the transport of your goods all over the European market, and for orders placed 48 hours prior to loading we guarantee loading of the required vehicle anywhere in Europe. For loading the vehicle anywhere in Croatia, the order must be placed 24 hours prior to loading.

LA LOG's professional team is at your service 24 hours a day. Transport requests may be submitted during the day, as well as at night through our web page. Our efficient and professional logistics staff are always there to meet your needs and requirements, and organize the fastest and the most cost-effective transport of your goods.

We are also aware of the location of your goods at any given moment. Tracking systems installed in our vehicles enable us to keep you informed of the status of your shipment at any time you may wish.



Our impressive FLEET is designed to meet all the requirements of our clients and partners. The vehicles in our fleet, produced by the leading European manufacturers, serve as a guarantee of high quality and functionality and our experienced and professional team ensures a comprehensive, high-quality transport service.


We are extremely proud to be able to offer our clients cold chain distribution services all over Croatia, starting from 2012. It is a transportation process which provides our clients with "door to door" delivery service, allowing them to fully focus on their core business.


In addition to transportation services that we perform with our own vehicles, we can organize and perform distribution of shipments in the cold chain with smaller vehicles (gross capacity of 1.5 to 5 t) to the final destination in the cities and small towns all over Croatia.


In addition to transportation services, we offer warehousing services that include proper handling in controlled temperature conditions (cold and deep-frozen) according to HACCP standards. We provide storage services in Zagreb and Split, while our storage capacity is adapted to the client’s needs. Besides these two warehouses we use six 'platforms' (Bjelovar, Dubrovnik, Đakovo, Rijeka, Pula and Zadar). In the manipulation we use a modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) system that allows control of all logistics processes in a warehouse.


Standing proof of our concerns for cleanliness and thorough maintenance of vehicles is our own automatic car wash situated within our headquarters, where we wash 8,000 trucks per year. Particular attention is paid to the environment: we use detergents that are environmentally friendly, water samples are regularly controlled by the Public Health Institute, and we have our own waste water separator. Thanks to this and our professional staff, we can offer services of washing and disinfecting vehicles to our clients.